ROLEX SUBMARINER GREEN BEZEL 16610LV: 50th anniversary - Swiss Watch Club

The green ROLEX SUBMARINER 16610 LV was born in 2003 for the 50th anniversary of the SUBMARINER.

The first ROLEX SUBMARINER dates back to 1953 and represents the first watch model tested to function up to a depth of 100 meters under the sea.



Over time the SUBMARINER participates in numerous adventures:

-In the 1950s, it took part in the expedition Auguste Piccard during a study of the abyss.

It goes down to 3500 meters deep and returns to the surface in perfect working order.

-In 1960 the Submariner ventures into the Trench re-emerge triumphantly!

There were many confirmations that this watch really had some unique features!






It was born in 2003 and was presented for the first time at the Basel exhibition.

Later it undergoes a restyling to give it a more modern look and make it even more attractive!

The Rolex Submariner green bezel is a particular model, highly sought after by watch collectors.


The green bezel was designed specifically for the celebration of the

SUBMARINER’s 50th anniversary.


The case is equipped with a 3135 movement with COSC certified automatic winding and the BLACK DIAL is equipped with white INDICES that shine with blue reflections in the dark.


submariner rolex malta


Stainless steel, with OYSTER bracelet consisting of flat three-part links and secured with OYSTERLOCK buckle closure.

The production of this SUBMARINER model is finished and this makes it a perfect watch model for collectors who wish to own rare and precious objects.

The style and character of the 16610LV are unmistakable and give this SUBMARINER a very bold look.