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During these times, many people ask about what are the best investments to do… Luxury Watches are surely a good option.

Swiss Watch Club is always a valid contact for those who wish to invest their money by purchasing watches of the most prestigious brands, which maintain their value over time and which guarantee an economic return in case of a crisis.

Why invest in watches?

While real estate and other tangible goods are falling in price, watches and jewellery, in general, retain their value over time.
For this reason, buying a luxury watch is a real investment for the future.

migliori investimenti
They are called “safe haven asset” precisely because they safeguard the financial future of those who buy them. It is necessary to rely on experts to be advised on which brands and models are most suitable for investments.

How to invest in watches?

First, you need to rely on a serious company of professionals who are able to support the customer in choosing the right watch. An expert can give us very useful advice.
It is preferable to choose watches that are difficult to find on the market and which maintain the highest value over time. Collectors are always looking for “unobtainable” models and are willing to pay them more.


Investing in the “right” product

Over the past decade, the watch market has always been rising and those who have invested in these luxury goods have experienced steady growth in their initial value.
The rules to start buying watches
The first tip we give to those who contact us to invest in luxury watches in Malta is to “get passionate”. Begin to understand the world of watches, understand their value, taste and rarity.
Investing in something we know is increasingly rewarding. Especially when it comes to a beautiful watch that, in addition to its economic value, has an aesthetic value.

Another tip is to choose a brand that has a reassuring history behind it. A name that has always been synonymous with guarantee and certainties.
For example, many choose Rolex because it is one of the most “common” brands on the market. There are many luxury watch brands perfect for a long term investment.

The value of a luxury watch

In addition to the mechanism and the material, sometimes a watch model can be more sought after than the others because it was worn by a celebrity and has become a “cool” object. When selling a watch, having such things to talk about can help the seller during the negotiation.
The value of a luxury watch is also given by its history.


If you need advice, a technical evaluation, an estimate, a point of reference for investing in luxury watches in Malta, contact us and we will be happy to put all our professionalism and experience at your disposal. Remember that buying a precious watch is the best investment for those who want to secure a future for their money.