Everyone wants the Hulks, the Batmans and the Daytonas nowadays, but very few are well aware that these sportive models couldn’t even be imagined without the Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

This line of watches has marked a very important period for Rolex and it will always be on-trend, no matter what other watches the company is going to create.

In 1931, Hans Wilsdorf blended the waterproof Oyster case presented in 1926 with the Perpetual rotor.

This is how, ninety years ago, the illusion of turning a watch into an object to be worn became true.

This collection has been enriched with a new 41 mm size in 2020, while new vibrant colors are welcome in the 36 mm sizes.

Nowadays, a very large number of sizes is available in the collection: 41 mm, 36 mm, 34 mm, 31 mm, 28 mm.




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Oyster Perpetual 41

With a new in-house caliber 3230, a move that also drives the new Submariner as well as the 36 mm Oyster Perpetuals, the Big Jim of the collection debuted.

It has all the new features/patents such as the Chronergy escapement, an evolution of the traditional Swiss anchor escapement which is characterized by the inversion of the length ratios between the escape wheel’s teeth and the levers of the anchor.

To be immune to magnetic interference, both are made of nickel-phosphorus.

The Chronergy escapement is 15 percent more effective than a standard escapement, according to Rolex.


Blue Parachrom hairspring


The movement also contains the new version of the blue Parachrom hairspring, manufactured internally in a special paramagnetic alloy that makes it up to ten times more accurate than a conventional hairspring in the case of a crash.

The controlling organ is mounted on the shockproof device Paraflex, which guarantees excellent motion shock resistance.

The Caliber 3230 is operated by an automatic winding module with a Perpetual rotor.

The movement has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours thanks to the modern barrel architecture and the maximum escapement quality.


Oyster Perpetual 36


Fully renovated, they promise water-resistance of 100 meters, like all Oyster Perpetuals.

All of them are driven by the caliber 3230 mentioned above, but the great novelty of this line in the series is the introduction of five vibrant new colors: pink candy, light turquoise, purple, red coral and green.

In Oystersteel, the case and bracelet, in common with all other versions, are a patented alloy derived from 904L (surgical) steel used by Rolex until a few years ago.

A silver dial with yellow gold or bright black, pink and bright blue indices is currently available in the 34 mm model.

The automatic movement 2232 with Siloxi spring in silicon is given by Rolex for this size.


Oyster Perpetual 34


The 34mm Oyster Perpetual is offered with a silver dial with yellow gold, or bright black, pink and bright blue hour markers. For this size, Rolex provides the automatic 2232 movement with silicon Siloxi hairspring spring.


Oyster Perpetual 31

The female model has the same features as the 34 mm model and has the same spring automatic caliber 2232 as the Siloxi silicon hairspring.

There are 9 different dials to select from bright black, coral red, pink, candy pink, bright blue, light turquoise, green, yellow, silver.




Oyster Perpetual 28

It’s the smallest Oyster Perpetual Rolex there is.

The automatic calibre 2232 with the Siloxi silicone spiral spring is also animated, with regards to the dials provided, the same as the 34 mm model: silver with yellow gold indexes, or bright black, pink and bright blue.